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Festive Pinwheels 0

Festive Pinwheels

Festive Pinwheels By Right Brain Joanna This is a pretty little appetizer. If the contents of the pinwheel aren’t in your pantry try using olives, sundried tomatoes and different cheeses. The process involves making...

Sweet Potato Miniatures 0

Sweet Potato Miniatures

Sweet Potato Miniatures by Right Brain Joanna Since I make various snacks for our Novel Idea book launches, I’m sometimes in a quandary trying to keep old favourites while adding new fare to delight...

Phyllo cups 0

Phyllo Cups

PHYLLO CUPS by Right-Brain Joanna These little pastry cups are perfect for filling with bits and bobs to make a lovely selection of appetizers or desserts – and are small and easy to prepare...