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Cauliflower Soup a la Polonaise 0

Cauliflower Soup a la Polonaise

CAULIFLOWER SOUP A LA POLONAISE by Right-Brain Joanna Making a pureed soup is quick and easy with an electric blender, and with a crispy topping that is both decadent and delicious, this soup is...

Beef and Barley Soup 0

Beef & Barley Soup

BEEF & BARLEY SOUP by Left-Brain Marilyn Chilly spring weather calls for steamy and warming soup. Despite being quite thick and hearty, this soup is not heavy fare. Barley is a nutty grain that...

Cauliflower Soup with Duck Garnish 0

Soup Weather

It is a toss-up as to whether November or March is the least favourite month for weather here in Kingston. Both are dreary with chilly rain and snow – but very good times for...

Pôtage of Parsnip & Potato 0

March Soups

LEFT BRAIN: Lentil Dal Soup Dal soup is this cook’s go-to on a busy blustery day as lentils require no soaking and the cooking time is short. It’s inspired by the side dish of...

Corn Chowder 0

Cornbread & Chowder

LEFT BRAIN: Fresh Cornbread Here’s fine corn flavour with added moistness from using pureed kernels as well as cornmeal! The kernels can be cut from a leftover cooked cob or poured from a freezer...

Two Tomato Soups 0

Two Tomato Soups

LEFT BRAIN: Fresh Tiny-Tomato Soup Bite-size tomatoes are sweeter and have a thinner skin than their larger cousins. Early autumn’s profusion of red pear, orange cherry, red cherry, and tiny currant tomatoes from my...