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Sweet Potato Miniatures 0

Sweet Potato Miniatures

Sweet Potato Miniatures by Right Brain Joanna Since I make various snacks for our Novel Idea book launches, I’m sometimes in a quandary trying to keep old favourites while adding new fare to delight...

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Sautéed Sweet Potato Gnocchi by Left Brain Marilyn   I often prepare the evening meal when visiting family in British Columbia. My daughter-in-law Nikki suggested gnocchi made with sweet potatoes.   There was leftover...

Tarte "Patat" 0

Tarte “Patat”

  TARTE “PATAT” by Right Brain Joanna Here’s a potato and parsnip side dish that might, despite its down market moniker, outshine the prime rib roast that I served with it. “Patat” is a...

Two Potato Rosti 0

Two Potato Rosti

TWO POTATO ROSTI by Left-Brain Marilyn This Swiss potato pancake is just so adaptable, even to my new manner of cooking! Sometimes I combine both white baking potatoes and sweet potatoes as in the...