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Pork Scallopine Rollups 0

Pork Scallopine Rollups

PORK SCALLOPINE ROLLUPS by Right-Brain Joanna Tiny stuffed packages of pork or veal make an appetizing dinner. Here I have used pork, but the recipe begs to be made with veal scallopine if you...

Beef and Barley Soup 0

Beef & Barley Soup

BEEF & BARLEY SOUP by Left-Brain Marilyn Chilly spring weather calls for steamy and warming soup. Despite being quite thick and hearty, this soup is not heavy fare. Barley is a nutty grain that...

Lime Steak 0

Lime Steak

LIME STEAK by Right-Brain Joanna A hint of spicy heat and citrus make this steak a surprise for the palate. Serves 2 Barbeque or high broiler heat. Marinade 4 cloves garlic, mashed 1 tsp/5g...

Meat Loaf 0

Meatloaf & Terrine

LEFT BRAIN: Meat Loaf The appetizing smells while this is baking evoke my memories of childhood. Of course, potatoes and cooked vegetables must complete the retro meal. However what is different about this recipe...

Deconstructed Beef Stew 0

Beef stew

LEFT BRAIN: Deconstructed Beef Stew Perhaps you were one of those children who insisted that various components of dinner not touch each other on the plate or maybe you abhor a restaurant buffet where...

Spicy Dino Bones 0

Spicy Dinosaur Bones

Tougher cuts of beef have tremendous flavour, however, slow cooking is needed. Here are two versions of beef short ribs, one on the barbecue and the other in the oven. LEFT BRAIN: Spicy Dino...

Up-Market Shepherd’s Pie 0

Shepherd’s Pie

LEFT BRAIN: Everyday Shepherd’s Pie This is not a pie nor is there any shepherd involved, but instead it’s a homemade North American casserole. Hearty comfort food is most enjoyable when swirling snow or...

Oh, Crumbs! 0

Oh, Crumbs!

Thrift may motivate us to use up leftover bread, cake and chips by making crumbs, however crumbs make food delicious too, providing a crispy coating or soaking up delicious juices. Simply whirl cubes of...