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Pork Scallopine Rollups 0

Pork Scallopine Rollups

PORK SCALLOPINE ROLLUPS by Right-Brain Joanna Tiny stuffed packages of pork or veal make an appetizing dinner. Here I have used pork, but the recipe begs to be made with veal scallopine if you...

Meat Loaf 0

Meatloaf & Terrine

LEFT BRAIN: Meat Loaf The appetizing smells while this is baking evoke my memories of childhood. Of course, potatoes and cooked vegetables must complete the retro meal. However what is different about this recipe...

Stuffed Autumnal Squash 0

Autumnal Squash

LEFT BRAIN: Roasted Squash Tart with Bacon & Cheese This is a sophisticated tart using ordinary grocery store items, including the pastry. It’s perfect for a luncheon or prelude to dinner either as a...