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Category: Seafood

Smoked Fish Pate 0

Smoked Fish Pate

 Smoked Fish Pate by Right Brain Joanna Makes a lot, from 10 to 16 servings This is a simple “go to” appetizer to have with some rye bread at a party. Mackerel is my...

Almond shrimp nibbles 0

Almond Shrimp Nibbles

ALMOND SHRIMP NIBBLES by Left-Brain Marilyn These delicious crispy shrimp are incredibly popular cocktail party fare! The effort in frying them after your guests arrive is well worth it as myriad compliments are sent...

Grilled Salmon Steaks with Shallots & Seared Leeks 0

Leeks & Shallots

LEFT BRAIN: Grilled Salmon Steaks with Shallots & Seared Leeks Seafood is an occasional treat in this family so it better be outstanding, which this is! This salmon is an elegant entrée, featuring a...