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Rainbow Couscous Warm Salad 0

Rainbow Couscous Warm Salad

RAINBOW COUSCOUS WARM SALAD by Right-Brain Joanna Plain warm couscous often seems dry, but the addition of crispy vegetables, interesting bits of dried fruit ‘n’ nuts, and blanched snow peas makes this side dish...

Dragon Noodles with Black Beans 0

Dragon Noodles with Black Beans

DRAGON NOODLES WITH BLACK BEANS by Left-Brain Marilyn Swiftly infusing the oil for this noodle salad dressing calms and harmonizes the strong flavors of garlic, ginger and chilies. The “dragon” is the spice from...

Wilted Spinach Salad Bowl 0

Wilted Spinach Salad Bowl

WILTED SPINACH SALAD BOWL by Right-Brain Joanna With a warm vinaigrette, a novelty these days, this salad features a selection of flavourful ingredients. It’s a great side for a simple meal, but add hardboiled...

Crispy Parmesan Chicken Casserole 0

Crispy Parmesan Chicken Casserole

CRISPY PARMESAN CHICKEN CASSEROLE by Left-Brain Marilyn This is not classic chicken parmigiana, but all the flavours are present plus the crumbs are golden and crispy! It can be made ahead and refrigerated until...

Pork Scallopine Rollups 0

Pork Scallopine Rollups

PORK SCALLOPINE ROLLUPS by Right-Brain Joanna Tiny stuffed packages of pork or veal make an appetizing dinner. Here I have used pork, but the recipe begs to be made with veal scallopine if you...

Cauliflower Soup a la Polonaise 0

Cauliflower Soup a la Polonaise

CAULIFLOWER SOUP A LA POLONAISE by Right-Brain Joanna Making a pureed soup is quick and easy with an electric blender, and with a crispy topping that is both decadent and delicious, this soup is...

Beef and Barley Soup 0

Beef & Barley Soup

BEEF & BARLEY SOUP by Left-Brain Marilyn Chilly spring weather calls for steamy and warming soup. Despite being quite thick and hearty, this soup is not heavy fare. Barley is a nutty grain that...

Boston Cream Pie 0

Boston Cream Pie

BOSTON CREAM PIE by Left-Brain Marilyn The origins of this confection go back over a century and a half, and even back then Boston cream “pie” was actually a filled and iced cake, not...

Lime Steak 0

Lime Steak

LIME STEAK by Right-Brain Joanna A hint of spicy heat and citrus make this steak a surprise for the palate. Serves 2 Barbeque or high broiler heat. Marinade 4 cloves garlic, mashed 1 tsp/5g...