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Festive Pinwheels 0

Festive Pinwheels

Festive Pinwheels By Right Brain Joanna This is a pretty little appetizer. If the contents of the pinwheel aren’t in your pantry try using olives, sundried tomatoes and different cheeses. The process involves making...

Smoked Fish Pate 0

Smoked Fish Pate

 Smoked Fish Pate by Right Brain Joanna Makes a lot, from 10 to 16 servings This is a simple “go to” appetizer to have with some rye bread at a party. Mackerel is my...

Sweet Potato Miniatures 0

Sweet Potato Miniatures

Sweet Potato Miniatures by Right Brain Joanna Since I make various snacks for our Novel Idea book launches, I’m sometimes in a quandary trying to keep old favourites while adding new fare to delight...

Dragon Noodles with Black Beans 0

Dragon Noodles with Black Beans

DRAGON NOODLES WITH BLACK BEANS by Left-Brain Marilyn Swiftly infusing the oil for this noodle salad dressing calms and harmonizes the strong flavors of garlic, ginger and chilies. The “dragon” is the spice from...

Wilted Spinach Salad Bowl 0

Wilted Spinach Salad Bowl

WILTED SPINACH SALAD BOWL by Right-Brain Joanna With a warm vinaigrette, a novelty these days, this salad features a selection of flavourful ingredients. It’s a great side for a simple meal, but add hardboiled...

Phyllo cups 0

Phyllo Cups

PHYLLO CUPS by Right-Brain Joanna These little pastry cups are perfect for filling with bits and bobs to make a lovely selection of appetizers or desserts – and are small and easy to prepare...