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Almond shrimp nibbles 0

Almond Shrimp Nibbles

ALMOND SHRIMP NIBBLES by Left-Brain Marilyn These delicious crispy shrimp are incredibly popular cocktail party fare! The effort in frying them after your guests arrive is well worth it as myriad compliments are sent...

Meat Loaf 0

Meatloaf & Terrine

LEFT BRAIN: Meat Loaf The appetizing smells while this is baking evoke my memories of childhood. Of course, potatoes and cooked vegetables must complete the retro meal. However what is different about this recipe...

Not Quite Chicken Cordon Bleu 0

Not Quite Chicken Cordon Bleu

LEFT BRAIN: Not Quite Chicken Cordon Bleu All the expected flavours are here in these meatballs. My husband and I attended a family wedding in New Hampshire this summer, and of the numerous platters...

Christmas nuts 0

Festive Nuts: Sugared & Ginger Almonds

LEFT BRAIN: Sugared Almonds This will likely become one of your signature hostess gifts. A candy thermometer produces perfect results every time, but I have given the less reliable non-thermometer method below too. The...