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Chocolate panforte 0

Chocolate panforte & mousse

LEFT BRAIN: Panforte This confection is a dense chewy mass of nuts and chocolate with just a little fruit and a hint of spices – yummy! It is a Siena, Italy specialty with history...

Christmas Cookies 0

Christmas Cookies

LEFT BRAIN: American Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies adapt to various holidays merely by varying the cutter to suit the occasion. My cookie cutters have accumulated over the years, however the truly treasured ones are...

Apple Cranberry Croustade 0

Cranberry Recipes

LEFT BRAIN: Apple Cranberry Croustade A few lonely apples sat on the cutting board waiting to be used in some manner – plus some leftover fresh cranberries. Rummaging in my freezer, a black hole...

Strawberry rhubarb pie 0

Rhubarb rhubarb

LEFT BRAIN: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie One of the first plants to emerge in the spring garden is rhubarb. Prairie women call it “pie plant” as indeed it is the first fresh ingredient for pies...

Oh, Crumbs! 0

Oh, Crumbs!

Thrift may motivate us to use up leftover bread, cake and chips by making crumbs, however crumbs make food delicious too, providing a crispy coating or soaking up delicious juices. Simply whirl cubes of...

NutmegPoundCake 0

Holiday Cakes

LEFT BRAIN: Nutmeg-Scented Pound Cake with Pecans, Fruit and Brandy This light cake is buttery, studded here and there with a nut or a piece of fruit, whereas many fruit cakes, such as Joanna’s,...

RicottaPie 0

Rich and Creamy Pies

LEFT-BRAIN: Ricotta Pie This dessert is an excellent finish to any meal and includes a pastry that does not “sog-out” like those under many creamy pies! And for make-ahead enthusiasts, it is even better...