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Ravioli 0

Spinach Ravioli

Spinach Ravioli by Right Brain Joanna   These are delicious and green and cheesy.  You can go to your local Italian food specialty shop to purchase ready made pasta in order to make the...

Tarte "Patat" 0

Tarte “Patat”

  TARTE “PATAT” by Right Brain Joanna Here’s a potato and parsnip side dish that might, despite its down market moniker, outshine the prime rib roast that I served with it. “Patat” is a...

Two Potato Rosti 0

Two Potato Rosti

TWO POTATO ROSTI by Left-Brain Marilyn This Swiss potato pancake is just so adaptable, even to my new manner of cooking! Sometimes I combine both white baking potatoes and sweet potatoes as in the...

Rainbow Couscous Warm Salad 0

Rainbow Couscous Warm Salad

RAINBOW COUSCOUS WARM SALAD by Right-Brain Joanna Plain warm couscous often seems dry, but the addition of crispy vegetables, interesting bits of dried fruit ‘n’ nuts, and blanched snow peas makes this side dish...

Christmas nuts 0

Festive Nuts: Sugared & Ginger Almonds

LEFT BRAIN: Sugared Almonds This will likely become one of your signature hostess gifts. A candy thermometer produces perfect results every time, but I have given the less reliable non-thermometer method below too. The...