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A double-take in the kitchen

Category: Mains

Flaming Gyros 0

Spring Lamb

LEFT BRAIN: Gyros Burgers Take a break from ordinary burgers with these flavourful and moist patties stuffed into a crispy naan. This juicy burger is, as Joanna said while dining, “scrumptious – despite needing...

Deconstructed Beef Stew 0

Beef stew

LEFT BRAIN: Deconstructed Beef Stew Perhaps you were one of those children who insisted that various components of dinner not touch each other on the plate or maybe you abhor a restaurant buffet where...

Stuffed Autumnal Squash 0

Autumnal Squash

LEFT BRAIN: Roasted Squash Tart with Bacon & Cheese This is a sophisticated tart using ordinary grocery store items, including the pastry. It’s perfect for a luncheon or prelude to dinner either as a...

Grilled Salmon Steaks with Shallots & Seared Leeks 0

Leeks & Shallots

LEFT BRAIN: Grilled Salmon Steaks with Shallots & Seared Leeks Seafood is an occasional treat in this family so it better be outstanding, which this is! This salmon is an elegant entrée, featuring a...

Spicy Dino Bones 0

Spicy Dinosaur Bones

Tougher cuts of beef have tremendous flavour, however, slow cooking is needed. Here are two versions of beef short ribs, one on the barbecue and the other in the oven. LEFT BRAIN: Spicy Dino...

Up-Market Shepherd’s Pie 0

Shepherd’s Pie

LEFT BRAIN: Everyday Shepherd’s Pie This is not a pie nor is there any shepherd involved, but instead it’s a homemade North American casserole. Hearty comfort food is most enjoyable when swirling snow or...

Apple Cranberry Croustade 0

Cranberry Recipes

LEFT BRAIN: Apple Cranberry Croustade A few lonely apples sat on the cutting board waiting to be used in some manner – plus some leftover fresh cranberries. Rummaging in my freezer, a black hole...